How to Quit smoking in 2 days (not kidding!)

 I am not a doctor. I am just an ex-smoker sharing my experience! If you really want to be safe, consult a doctor before trying any of the alternative(s)/tip(s) mentioned in this blog article. Do not hold me responsible for your actions please!


I’ve been a smoker for 18+ yrs. I got started to Smoking at young age and then got addicted to chewing tobacco as well. I never really liked them to be frank, but they gave me the quick relief  I needed.

I tried to quit, countless times. I tried everything possible. I tried nicotine gums, patches, went cold turkey ( that was the most painful experience!) and what not. These alternatives provide nicotine but they do not provide the feel when you light and smoke a traditional cigarette. Smoking isn’t only nicotine addiction, but a physical and social habit too. Luckily for me, I got introduced to Electronic Cigarettes on the Internet.  I found out that using these devices had the closest feel to the traditional ones. Finally!


In the beginning we had “Cig-a-like”s. These were disposable vaping alternatives to traditional cigarettes. These weren’t  really practical because they only lasted for a few hundred puffs and you had to throw it away.


So, I wasn’t really into it. I continued to smoke. Then came the second generation of the cig-a-likes in market. These were refillable with varieties of e-liquid flavors. The batteries of these devices weren’t great but they could be recharged. These devices weren’t still up-to the mark for day-long usage. Finally came the 3rd generation of the e-cigarettes which got me into vaping, ftw! These devices have larger batteries ( most use 18650 batteries which are already available in the market for other devices). Better performance and the reliability of these helped me quit cigarettes and chewing tobacco completely. It barely took me 2 days to quit, without any additional methods.

I have collected quite a few devices till now. The one I use most of the time is the KangerTech Subox Mini C device because of it’s versatility. It takes a single 18650 battery which can be taken out and be charged separately.  I always keep an extra battery charged, so that I never run out of juice!

Vaping experience may greatly vary person to person but here’s what I have found from my own experience ( I did learn the hard way, but you don’t have to!):

  • Don’t quit trying! Getting into vaping can be a little-bit annoying at beginning because vaping isn’t exactly smoking! Not only does the nicotine of a traditional cigarette react to your body, but also does the tar that goes inside your lungs. Vaping devices don’t deliver that poison, so you will miss that aspect. Let that not make you smoke an occasional traditional cigarette because of this!
  • You may become thirsty more often than not. E-liquids contain Food Grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin; both of which are “hygroscopic”. They make your body dehydrate faster. Do not panic! Have lots of water (don’t overdo it though!) to compensate this.
  • You may experience coughing while getting started. That is perfectly normal.  This means that your body is adjusting to the new habit and discarding the tar that you have built-up through-out your smoking life. Amount of cough will decrease over-time. It will not stop completely because some amount of the vapor goes inside your lungs and they throw the foreign matter out when needed.
  • Social impact of the vaping is interesting too! In many places, vaping is unknown to most of the people. Especially where I live, it is a big issue. It may or may not affect you though. People will stare at your device while you are outside vaping.  Let that not impact your trial.
  • When starting, use higher concentration of nicotine and come down gradually. That will make it easier to switch. There are 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine concentration available in the market, but I don’t really like how they taste when inhaled. I prefer 1.2% concentration of nicotine. I would suggest you to start with 1.2% first. Go for higher concentrations if that doesn’t work.
  • As for devices, I prefer to use the KangerTech Subox Mini C like I mentioned earlier. This device is what I would recommend, because it only costs around $22 and ships internationally.  Feel free to experiment if you need to! If you are not into cloud chasing and/or experiments too much, avoid using mechanical mods. For an average user, even the iJust starter kit is is fine.
  • Don’t stress too much about the PG/VG ratio. Always try to order the default one that is available for you to buy. This is because the flavor maker had thought of certain kind of feel when they brewed (yeah right!  brewing! ) the juice.


I hope this helps another smoker quit smoking! Do you also want to quit smoking? Do you have any other suggestions? Please have them in the comments!

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