8GB 14 Day Orange Europe eSIM, 30 Minutes Calls+200 Texts to Worldwide. Scan QR Code and use Immediately!

8GB 14 Day Orange Europe eSIM: Stay Connected Across Europe

Experience seamless connectivity throughout Europe with the 8GB 14 Day Orange Europe eSIM. This convenient eSIM allows you to enjoy high-speed data, local calling, and international communication during your travels.

With 8GB of high-speed data, you can browse the internet, stream videos, and stay connected on 4G/5G networks across Europe. Whether you need to check emails or navigate unfamiliar cities, this eSIM ensures you have reliable and fast internet access. Data tethering and hotspot usage are also allowed, providing additional flexibility for sharing your connection with other devices.

Unlimited local calling within Europe is available through the provided French number. Stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about expensive roaming charges. Enjoy the convenience of making local calls within your destination country.

In addition to local calling, the eSIM offers 30 minutes of calling and 200 texts from Europe to any other country. Keep in touch with loved ones back home or connect with international contacts effortlessly.

The 8GB 14 Day Orange Europe eSIM is valid for 14 days from the first use at a covered destination. If you require an extended stay, you have the option to extend the validity for an additional charge on the Orange France website for another 14 days.

This eSIM is designed for easy installation. Simply scan the provided QR code in your device's settings to activate the eSIM. It can be used in unlocked phones, tablets, and devices with eSIM capability. Most newer iPhone models, including the iPhone XR and above, as well as many Android phones released after 2021, support eSIM functionality.

It's important to note that the 14-day validity begins upon first use, not when you scan the QR code. Once the eSIM profile is created, do not delete it, as the QR code can only be scanned once.

Stay connected and make the most of your European adventures with the 8GB 14 Day Orange Europe eSIM. Scan the QR code, activate your eSIM, and enjoy hassle-free connectivity wherever your journey takes you.

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