Abanen 22mm Nylon Military Style Watch Bands for Garmin Instinct/Instinct 2 Solar, Woven Fabric Durable Wristband Strap for Garmin Instinct Tactical/Tide/Esports/Instinct Solar

Elevate Your Garmin Instinct with Abanen 22mm Nylon Military Style Watch Bands

Upgrade the look and feel of your Garmin Instinct watch with the Abanen 22mm Nylon Military Style Watch Bands. These durable and stylish watch bands are designed to enhance your Garmin Instinct series, offering both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Let's dive into the pros and cons of these watch bands to see if they're the perfect match for your Garmin Instinct.


  • Compatibility: These watch bands are specifically designed for Garmin Instinct and Instinct 2 series, including models like Garmin Instinct Tactical, Instinct Tide, Instinct Esports, and Instinct Solar. They provide a perfect fit and seamlessly integrate with your Garmin Instinct watch.
  • Durable and Sweatproof: Made from high-quality nylon fabric, these watch bands are durable, sweatproof, and shock-absorbent. They can withstand your active lifestyle and provide a comfortable and breathable wearing experience. The military sports style design adds a touch of ruggedness to your Garmin Instinct.
  • Adjustable Buckle: The stainless steel adjustable buckle ensures a secure and customized fit. With a wide wrist size range of 6.12"-9.4" (150mm-240mm), these watch bands can accommodate a variety of wrist sizes, providing a comfortable and snug fit for everyone.
  • Easy Installation/Removal: Installing and removing these watch bands is a breeze. The nylon band can be easily attached to the Instinct Watch Lugs included in the package, ensuring a precise and secure connection. Enjoy the convenience of quick and hassle-free band swaps.
  • Quality Control: Abanen prioritizes product quality control. However, if you encounter any scratches or defects, their customer service team is ready to assist you promptly. They offer quick responses and are willing to provide exchanges or refunds if needed.


  • Smartwatch Not Included: It's important to note that these watch bands are sold separately and do not include the smartwatch itself. You'll need to already own a compatible Garmin Instinct or Instinct 2 series watch to enjoy the benefits of these bands.

The Abanen 22mm Nylon Military Style Watch Bands are an excellent choice for Garmin Instinct owners looking to customize their watch and elevate their style. With their compatibility, durability, adjustable buckle, easy installation/removal, and commitment to quality control, these watch bands offer a fantastic upgrade for your Garmin Instinct. Just remember that the smartwatch is not included, so make sure you already have a compatible Garmin Instinct or Instinct 2 series watch. Enhance your Garmin Instinct and enjoy a whole new level of comfort and style with the Abanen 22mm Nylon Military Style Watch Bands.

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