ACT Restoring Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash 33.8 fl. oz. Strengthens Tooth Enamel, Mint Burst

ACT Restoring Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash - A Refreshing Dental Companion!

Are you looking for a reliable mouthwash that not only freshens your breath but also provides multiple benefits for your oral health? Look no further than the ACT Restoring Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash in the invigorating Mint Burst flavor!


  • Alcohol-Free Formula: This ACT mouthwash is completely free from alcohol, making it suitable for those who prefer a gentler mouthwash experience. No burning sensation here!
  • Four Benefits in One: With this fluoride mouthwash, you get a quadruple dose of oral care goodness. It not only strengthens tooth enamel but also remineralizes soft spots, helps prevent tooth decay, and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and revitalized.
  • Effective Cavity Protection: ACT Restoring Mouthwash goes above and beyond your regular fluoride toothpaste. In fact, it can reduce cavities by up to 70% more when used in conjunction with brushing. Say goodbye to dental problems!
  • Dentist Recommended: Trusted by dental professionals, ACT is a renowned brand in the oral care industry. Rest assured that you are using a fluoride mouthwash that comes highly recommended by the experts.


  • Larger Bottle Size: While the 33.8 fl. oz. bottle provides excellent value for money, it might be a bit bulky for travelers or those with limited storage space. Consider transferring it to a smaller travel-sized container if needed.

ACT Restoring Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash is a game-changer for your oral hygiene routine. By eliminating alcohol from the formula, it ensures a more comfortable rinsing experience without sacrificing effectiveness. The refreshing Mint Burst flavor leaves your mouth feeling invigorated and your breath minty fresh.

What sets this mouthwash apart is its four-in-one action. It not only strengthens your tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay, but also targets and remineralizes those pesky soft spots. The result? A healthier, happier smile that exudes confidence.

With ACT Restoring Mouthwash, you're not just fighting cavities, but you're also embracing the recommendation of dental professionals. They trust ACT as a reliable fluoride mouthwash brand, and you can too. Incorporate this mouthwash into your daily oral care routine and watch your dental health flourish.

So why wait? Grab a bottle of ACT Restoring Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash in the exhilarating Mint Burst flavor today and let your smile shine brighter than ever!

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