Compression Packing Cubes for Travel Suitcases, TianZong 2 Pack Expandable Luggage Organizer Bags Set (Large, Grey)

Review of TianZong Compression Packing Cubes for Travel Suitcases

The TianZong 2 Pack Expandable Luggage Organizer Bags Set is a great addition to any traveler's luggage. Made from prime polyester fiber, the same material used in down jackets, this travel bag is both lightweight and durable, ensuring a long service life.

Convenient Compression Design

After putting clothes into the compression bag, the zipper can be closed and clothes can be compressed, saving up to 40% of space in your suitcase or closet. The metal hole on the side of the bag can be used to squeeze out air, and the two-way zipper allows for easy compression. A reinforced handle design also makes it easy to carry and access your items.

Size Options

The organizer comes in M and L sizes, providing ample storage for different items. The M size can hold two short down jackets or a long one, while the L size can accommodate two long puffer jackets or three short coats. Blankets and bedding can also be stored in these cubes, making them versatile for different packing needs.

Multiple Uses

The lightweight packing cubes are perfect for travel, business trips, and outdoor camping. They are also great for home storage, allowing for seasonal clothing to be neatly organized. Additionally, the fabric has no peculiar smell, making it safe to store baby's clothes.


  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Convenient compression design to save space
  • Metal hole and two-way zipper for easy compression
  • Reinforced handle design for easy carrying and access
  • M and L size options for versatile storage
  • Lightweight and suitable for travel, business trips, and camping
  • Can be used for home storage of seasonal clothing


  • Only available in grey color
  • Does not include additional storage bags like some other packing cube sets

In conclusion, the TianZong Compression Packing Cubes for Travel Suitcases are a great investment for anyone looking to save space and stay organized while traveling or at home. They are durable, lightweight, and offer convenient compression features. While they only come in one color and do not include additional storage bags, they are still a great value for the price.

Price : $34.00
4.2 out of 5 - 25 global reviews
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