FANTECH Helios XD3 Symmetrical Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, 16,000 DPI 6 Programmable Buttons Professional Grade Small Size Mouse, White (Renewed)

Review: FANTECH Helios XD3 Symmetrical Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, 16,000 DPI

If you're a passionate gamer seeking a reliable and customizable gaming mouse, the FANTECH Helios XD3 is worth considering. This renewed version of the mouse offers impressive features and performance at a reasonable price. Let's delve into the pros and cons of this gaming mouse.


  • Precision at your fingertips: The Helios XD3 boasts a high-precision 16,000 DPI sensor, powered by the industry-standard PixArt 3335 optical sensor. This ensures ultra-accurate and high-speed tracking, allowing you to zero in on your target with ease. Whether you prefer a low or high DPI, this mouse can be fine-tuned to match any mouse pad.
  • Customizable functionality: With 6 programmable buttons, you have the freedom to reconfigure and assign complex macro functions. The mouse can save up to 3 profiles, and it even supports left-click button scripts and delay editing. This level of customization allows you to optimize your gaming experience and gain a competitive edge.
  • Ergonomic design for versatility: The symmetrical right-hand design of the XD3 accommodates both palm grip and claw grip users. The side curve provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to lift and maneuver the mouse. Additionally, the smaller overall size offers more space for vertical movement, allowing for greater freedom during intense gaming sessions.
  • Dual-connectivity and RGB lighting: You can connect the mouse via a cable or the included compact 2.4G wireless USB receiver. The Helios XD3 features 16.8 million RGB color illumination across 3 zones, allowing you to customize your gaming setup with vibrant lighting effects. With 4 dynamic lighting modes, you can create a personalized ambiance that matches your style.
  • Durable construction and extended battery life: Designed for lasting play, the XD3 is equipped with switches rated for 50 million clicks. This ensures durability and reliability, even during intense gaming sessions. The mouse also offers an impressive battery life of up to 70 hours, allowing for extended gaming sessions without worrying about recharging. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty and extra mouse feet for added convenience.


  1. No left-hand configuration: The XD3 is designed specifically for right-handed users and may not be suitable for left-handed gamers. This limitation may exclude some individuals who prefer left-hand mouse configurations.

In summary, the FANTECH Helios XD3 Symmetrical Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse delivers on its promise of precision, customization, and durability. With its high-precision sensor, programmable buttons, ergonomic design, dual-connectivity options, and vibrant RGB lighting, it offers a delightful gaming experience for gamers of all levels.

Although it lacks left-hand configuration options, the XD3's performance, durability, and extended battery life make it a compelling choice for right-handed gamers. Elevate your gaming experience with the FANTECH Helios XD3 and enjoy the freedom to personalize your gameplay and dominate the virtual battlefield.

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