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Review: Travel Neck Pillow

The Travel Neck Pillow is a must-have companion for any traveler seeking comfort and support during their journeys. With its self-inflatable design, soft velvet fabric, adjustable neck/chin support, and portable size, this neck pillow is perfect for sleeping on airplanes, trains, cars, and even in the office.


  • Easy to Inflate & Deflate: This travel pillow features a built-in inflatable pump, eliminating the need for manual inflation. Simply press the pump repeatedly to inflate the pillow within 30-60 seconds, and use the release valve to quickly deflate. It's a simple and convenient process that allows for easy storage and portability.
  • Super Soft Washable Velvet: The pillow is made of premium soft velvet fabric that feels luxurious and comfortable against your skin. The pillowcase has an invisible zipper and can be easily removed for washing, ensuring that your travel neck pillow stays fresh and clean throughout your journeys.
  • Perfect Neck Pillow Support: With its ergonomic design, this neck pillow provides excellent support for your neck. The raised support prevents your head from tilting, relieving neck pain and discomfort in any sitting position. The adjustable inflation function allows you to customize the firmness, and the pillow fits snugly around your neck, providing a comfortable chin rest.
  • Portable & Space Saving: This travel neck pillow is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in a small bag. Unlike bulky memory foam pillows, this inflatable pillow weighs only 6 oz. It also features a wider and deeper face space, and the double hump design enhances eye comfort. It's practical and space-saving for your travels.
  • Practical for Any Occasion: This neck pillow is not limited to travel alone. It provides comfortable support in various scenarios, such as car rides, plane journeys, train trips, and even office naps. It's also ideal for reading, gaming, camping, and backpacking. It makes a thoughtful and health-conscious gift for family, friends, and colleagues.


  • Quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Soft and washable velvet fabric for comfort and cleanliness
  • Adjustable neck/chin support for personalized comfort
  • Portable and space-saving design
  • Versatile for various travel and leisure activities


  • Some users may find the inflatable pump slightly noisy
  • The pillow may not provide enough support for users with larger necks

In conclusion, the Travel Neck Pillow is a fantastic travel accessory that prioritizes comfort and convenience. Its self-inflatable feature, soft velvet fabric, adjustable support, and portable design make it an excellent choice for sleep and relaxation during your journeys. While the inflatable pump may produce some noise, and the pillow's support may not suit larger necks, the overall benefits and practicality of this neck pillow make it a worthwhile investment for any traveler seeking a restful and enjoyable travel experience.

Price : $69.00
3.3 out of 5 - 10 global reviews
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